The LBA Sustainability Council is committed to being environmentally responsible in all that we do.  We will effectively communicate and implement clear goals and directions within our company, identify energy efficiency and consumption reduction practices in our buildings, and promote awareness and engagement of our partners.  We will measure our success by benchmarketing results year-over-year. 


LEED Certified Buildings

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a global green building certification program that recognizes the top building strategies and practices. LBA is proud to hold eleven LEED certifications across our portfolio, two of which are Platinum, five Gold, two Silver and 2 certified. LBA operates all of our buildings using the LEED EBOM framework to insure the highest standards of building efficiency. We make it a point to be conscious of our buildings performances, and consistently look to improve energy conservation methods through innovation and ultimately driving value to our investors.


LBA partners with companies that are dedicated to green building practices. We follow green cleaning specifications by using environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products that are green seal certified. We use recyclable paper products and automatic dispensers in our restrooms. We contract with pest control companies that use the least toxic means to be effective. It is a priority that LBA contract with companies that emphasize sustainability in their day-to-day practices.


LBA is an Energy Star Partner and has also been recognized as a PREMIER MEMBER of the Energy Star Certification Nation. Currently LBA tracks all office buildings in Energy Star, and is in the process of integrating all industrial assets. By earning Energy Star certifications, we’re acting on our commitment to save energy, protect the environment, and help us conserve for the future. Energy Star certified buildings use 35 percent less energy, and cause 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings. In 2016, LBA reduced energy consumption by 5.3%.


The push for electric vehicles is being accelerated through private sector and government agencies. As a result, LBA has been proactive in making it a priority to provide employees, tenants, and patrons of our buildings easy access to EV Charging Stations. LBA has installed several EV Charging Stations since the beginning of 2013 at multiple buildings. Our goal is to insure we are doing our part in reducing toxic emissions and improving air quality, while providing an amenity to our tenants. LBA is currently in the process of installing additional charging stations and identifying other buildings that would benefit.


LBA is committed to reducing waste, reusing materials, and implementing recycling at our buildings. Our programs help to conserve energy and raw materials to benefit the environment. LBA has made it a priority to educate our employees and tenants on how to properly recycle waste at our buildings and in their offices. We track waste for all office assets through Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Throughout the year, the management teams have organized “E”-cycling events to have obsolete or unused electronics picked up and properly disposed of for future reuse. Additionally, we have composting programs in Denver and Downtown LA.

Renewable Energy Program

LBA is actively identifying potential properties to expand upon our renewable energy program. At this time, we have a solar project in Kierland, Arizona with plans to grow our platform. Additionally, LBA installed the nation’s largest indoor energy storage system at Park Place in 2016. By looking at renewable energy programs, LBA will be afforded the benefits of additional rents, lower operating costs and the ability to partner with our tenants. We will leverage our knowledge to create value for both our tenants and investors.

BOMA 360 Buildings

BOMA 360 is a way to differentiate our buildings against other properties in the marketplace. The designation signals to owners, tenants and prospective tenants that our buildings are managed and operated to the highest standards in the industry. The designation evaluates building practices in 6 major areas: building operations & management; life safety, security & risk management; training & education; energy; environmental/sustainability; and tenant relations/community involvement. Individual buildings that satisfy the requirements in all 6 areas are awarded the BOMA 360 designation. LBA is proud to have been presented several BOMA 360 designations across our portfolio. 


At LBA, our mission is to exceed expectations with unmatched levels of service, attention to detail, value creation and corporate responsibility.